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USMLE kurz na 3.LF

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Pondělí, 21 February, 2011 (All day)

3.LF organizuje večerný USMLE kurz pre študentov 4-6.ročníka pražských lekárskych fakúlt.

We need a MINIMUM of 25 students to sign up for the course.
fee is 3000 crowns. IF 35 students sign up = THE FEE WILL BE 2500
We have the best professors from our school teaching!
every Tuesday from 6-9pm a new topic. 2+ hours lecture 1 +/- hours case study and answer.
Please sign up for the event TO LET US KNOW IF WE CAN DO IT. 
We need 25 students to make this happen.
OutLine of Course
Dear students: USMLE course will be for 15 weeks during the whole spring semester. There will be a small fee for study material and to pay the teachers possibly. Student have already shown great interest.

There will be a date before next semester to sign up for this course. This course will also assistwith Model 2C as a parallel course of instruction. It is a night class. Teachers will be giving books, case studies etc. to guide their lecture. Students will also be given loads of electronic info, books video etc.

Each session is 3 hours with two breaks
Each session should begin with any questions and answers from previous sessions or otherwise
2 + hour should always be tutorial (with instructor, diagrams, slides, mnemonics)
30 minutes should always be case study and practice questions (timed) with remaining time fordiscussion.
There will be Homework the teacher will assign. Students Should read up on the subject before class from the USMLE first aid books and Kaplan books provided free via electronic formate.

This is also up to the professor. The student should have a grasp of the knowledge and this is only are view.
Teachers will teach main points and high yield information only.

Session I – Introduction
We will supply study materials, questions and booklets for each course and coffee! We will talk about what we intend to do and what we don't intend to do with the course, test mechanics, how do you go about registering, preparing, when?, passing?, materials and resources ,calendar planning, how to avoid burnout, urban legends. Two students that have taken the USMLE will assist. Nathian Koons from 1st faculty will help throughout the whole course as well as Alex Ostrihonova(6th year from 3rd fac) will come in and speak on behalf of Czech/ Slovak students on the first day.

STUDENTS TAKE A PRELIMINARY PRACTICE TEST to assess weak areas Seeking Pathology, Microbiology, Reproductive/ Endocrine professors!!!!
Session II- BiochemSession III- Micro
Session IV- PharmSession V - PathologySession VI-Pathology/ oncologySession VII- Hematology and Immunology
Session VIII- Reproductive/ EndocrineSession IX- Cardiovascular
Session X- Respiratory
Session XI- RenalSession XII- GIT
Session XIII- Musculoskeletal and SkinSession XIV- Neuro and special senses
Section XV- TEST, wrap up and assessment

Evaluations will be giving out and course will be presented to Senate: goal have it become compuslary options course for students free of charge.

Open to students of our faculty first, then remaining seats are giving to 1st and 2nd faculty students. Is hosted by 3rd Faculty

Facebook event

Scott Keel, 4th year student of 3rd Faculty of Medicine,

Tak to mne zaujalo - i když

Tak to mne zaujalo - i když nevyužiji aktivně, ráda tuto nabídku vídím. Pokud vím, tak nějaké přípravné kurzy existují i jinde (agentura), ale byl v tom nějaký háček (drahé?)... 3.LF modernizuje.