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Volební plakáty 2010

A fundraiser in aid of

A fundraiser in aid of injured footballers Shaun Whiter and Joey Abbs has been given a boost thanks to a donation of a signed shirt from no less than Barcelona ace Lionel Messi.The cheap football shirts will be auctioned after the tournament, which is set to involve Newmarket Town, Soham Town Rangers, Cambridge City and Fulbourn Institute.The Barcelona duo follow a number of high profile clubs in supporting Shaun and Joey by donating exciting memorabilia.Others include Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and West Ham football shirts sale, signed by the Premier League sides respective 2016/17 first team squads, a Manchester United shirt signed by Wayne Rooney, a 2006 England shirt signed by John Terry and an England shirt signed by the cheap christian louboutin entire current squad.