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National Handbag Day is October 10 (Monday!), and until it gets here, we've got lots of fun stuff planned. Today, one of those things is an in-depth look at some of Fall 2016's longchamp outlet biggest bag trends, which are all well-represented at one of our favorite retailers: Net-a-Porter.Fall 2016 is flush with options, from newly resurgent hobo fendi handbags outlet to some beloved designs rendered in super luxe velvet or shearling. In general, though, it has shaped up to be a season for bags that are special in some way: a detail, a material, an embellishment. Below, we've picked a trio of bags that exemplify each of the season's five biggest trends, all from the beautifully curated selection at fendi outlet. After all, what better way to celebrate your love of handbags than with something special all for you?